Welcome to Money Mac Productions! This site is all about creating lasting memories. We all go on vactions and celebrate special events and if you're like us, you take a lot of pictures. But what happens with those pictures? You may print some out and frame them; you may print a bunch of them and put them in a photo album; you may even put them in a digital photo frame and let them scroll through. What we offer is a different option. We offer the opportunity to view your pictures and videos in a much more entertaining fashion. You may have some great photographs and videos, but let's face it; who wants to sit and page through photo after photo?...Not me!...and that, my friends, is the main reason we decided to offer our services.

What we will do is take your pictures and videos from your vacation or special event, and make a movie out of them! This allows for a much more entertaining way to not only view, but remember, that special time!

Check out a few samples we've done under "Sample Videos"!

About Us

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Money Mac Productions was founded in May 2008. We decided to do this because we have created movies for family and friends and everyone really enjoys the end product. We figured if they enjoyed these movies, than we are sure others would enjoy them, too.

Here's How It Works:



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